Script Supervising work

Available for and seeking experience as a Script Supervisor Assistant or Trainee.
Contact: / +44 7487 235 736
Full UK Drivers Licence


I have also taken on a number of script supervising roles both within my film degree and on external productions.  I have a sharp eye for detail and experience making breakdowns, detailed logs and reports as script supervisor on smaller-scale productions. Most vitally, I am a keen and fast learner who can adapt to different working styles and both paper and digital logging formats. For the latter, I am equipped with an iPad Pro, stylus and keyboard. I have worked on professional sets and I am an effective multitasker.


I am committed hard-worker and always strive to be an enthusiastic and reliable presence on-set. Driven by my desire to deliver consistently high standards of work, I am proactive and thorough with preparation for my on-set responsibilities to ensure I am as effective as possible in my role. I am now hoping to expand my skill-set in script supervisor assistant/trainee positions on larger productions.

On-set experience with: Radios, Animals, Vehicles, Night shoots, Child actors [responsible for looking after, and monitoring work timings for, two child actors aged 1 & 9 as 2nd AD on a graduation film]

Full CV available below